The CrossinG of The Waal


In memory of the Waal crossing in 1944 by personnel of the US Army 504th Infantry Regiment of the 82d Airborne Division, the bridge and the road bear the name 'De Oversteek' (The Crossing). This name was officially established by the city council in June 2009. At the opening two veterans from the Second World War were present, as well as surviving relatives of the 48 soldiers killed in the action.

As a tribute to these men, the bridge is equipped with 48 pairs of light poles that, after switching on the city lights, pair after couple from south (Nijmegen) to north (Lent), in the pace of a slow march. Since October 19, 2014, as a daily tribute, every night at sunset one or more veterans walk the so-called Sunset March across the bridge while the 48 lights are ignited.

A book has been published on The Crossing.

It is about the search for the  48 American war

heroes that were killed.

The book describes the run-up to the crossing,

the situation in Nijmegen at the time of Operation

Market Garden.

ISBN13 9789078987031

EAN 9789078987031

JAMES Maggie Megellas

James Megellas (March 11, 1917 - April 2, 2020) was a retired United States Army officer who commanded a platoon in Company "H" of the 3rd Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR), 82nd Airborne Division during World War II. He was "the most-decorated officer in the history of the 82nd Airborne Division," having received a Distinguished Service Cross, a Silver Star, and been nominated for the Medal of Honor.

ThomaS MoffatT BurrisS


Thomas Moffatt Burriss (Sep 22, 1919 - Jan 4, 2019) was an American politician in the state of South Carolina. He served in the South Carolina House of Representatives as a member of the Republican Party from 1977 to 1992, representing Richland County, South Carolina. He was a general contractor and veteran of World War II.

JuliaN CooK

Colonel Julian Aaron Cook (October 7, 1916 – June 19, 1990) was an officer of the United States Army who gained fame during World War II for his crossing of the Waal river during Operation Market Garden in September 1944.

He volunteered for the airborne forces in 1942, joining the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment (504th PIR), which became part of the 82nd "All American" Airborne Division.