Operation Market Garden 70th Anniversary was commemorated in the towns of the Netherlands from the 17th till the 21nd of September 2014. We visited Grave, Groesbeek, Driel, Arnhem, Renkum and Nijmegen. All the events were attended by crowds of Dutch people and their foreign guests from the United Kingdom, the United States, Poland, Belgium, France and many other countries.
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The mayor of Nijmegen is presented with a statue and a framed picture from the Grenadier Guards on the 20th of September 2014 at the monument of the Waal Crossing
(we hope he will donate these to our foundation!)

Almost 70 years after the battle, around 30 clubs, museums and other interested parties decided to join forces to commemorate Operation Market Garden in a grand way. The battle that started in the early morning of September 17, 1944, became a pivotal moment in the history of the southern part of the Netherlands.
*** 14 - 20 september 2014 ***

New bridge across the Waal river

'De Oversteek' is a crossing under construction on the Waal river in the municipality of Nijmegen, located west of the existing Nijmegen bridges. On the south side, the bridge will be near the Vasim-buildings. In memory of the Waal Crossing in 1944 by the 82nd Airborne Division, the bridge and the road over it will be named 'The Crossing'.  The bridge will open on the 30th of november 2013.

Read the Crossing of the Waal here

The New WWII Museum in Nijmegen

The world war 2 Museum, an initiative of the war museum in Groesbeek, Oosterbeek and Overloon, is located at the Vasim Building on the Waal at Nijmegen-West.
It is near the newbuild bridge called 'The Crossing'.
If everything goes well, the Museum will open in 2014.

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New photo-album in our Picture Gallery Remembrance Sunday - 11h of November 2012 London - United Kingdom

See photo-album in our Picture Gallery Market Garden Veterans - 4th & 5th of May 2012 Holland -  Groesbeek and Wageningen


Following the tremendous success of the first and second series, Remembrance Week will return to BBC1 in the week leading up to Remembrance Sunday 2012 with more incredible stories of courage, emotion and sacrifice made by thousands of people from all walks of life and from all over the UK. Bringing together the reality of modern day conflicts with those of the past and show the different way war touches all of our lives. As well as stories from the Army, Navy and RAF, they also speak to wartime civilians, including nurses, teachers, and even former entertainers of the troops. Through celebrating and championing the amazing work of the Armed Forces, as well as those who have helped them along the way, we ultimately remember and honour those who sadly didnít make it come home. For this series they're looking for persons to share their memories and experiences of being involved in Operation Market Garden.

We gave every veteran a copy of a flyer while they were having a lunch at the Liberation museum at Groesbeek, southwest of Nijmegen. Not much later Rosie Geiger (Fever Media) told us they had already heard from one of the veterans, so a very big THANKYOU to (Henk) for kindly handing out all those flyers. She also heard that the trip to Holland was a massive success, speaking with Alan Hartley who told her that he had an absolutely fantastic time.

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Exhibition LIBERATION CHILDREN at Museum Wings Of Liberation

  The men who liberated our country from the yoke of the Second World War were warmly welcomed. Finally a celebration, after all the hardships under the German regime. Life slowly got back to normal in the weeks after the liberation and the inevitable happened. Many girls were in love with the soldiers and when the troops moved on, the consequences of this early love became visible. Literally. Thousands of girls turned out to be pregnant ...
With the exhibition "Liberation Children" we, Van Osch Film Productions and Museum Wings of Liberation, want to show you the other site of the liberation.
You are welcome from 8 May to 6 June at the Museum Wings of Liberation in the hall called "Buitenhuys" for the photo exhibition "Liberation Children" of photographer Reg Gruson.
These dates have been selected for a special reason:
~ 8-May-1945, also known as VE Day, the day of the official liberation of Europe.
~ 6-June-1944, D-Day, the day the Allies landed on the beaches of Normandy and the beginning of the liberation of Europe was put in motion.
The fathers of the liberation children played an important role in this period of WWII.

See pictures here.

In May 2012 we shall be taking approximately 160 veterans in 80 London Taxis to The Netherlands and join the Dutch people in their nationís Liberation celebrations. The Dutch people have always shown their gratitude and affection to those British veterans, who, with the American, Canadian and Polish armies fought for the liberation of The Netherlands.The bond between our veterans and the Dutch is beautifully illustrated by the schoolchildren of Arnhem and Oosterbeek, who at the age of 8 are given the responsibility of tending a grave in the Commonwealth War Cemetery. This duty is passed to them from an older child and becomes theirs for the following four years.


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To continue the remembrance and commemoration of all who fought and served in the Market Garden Operation for the liberation of the Netherlands in september 1944.